The Climb

Couldn't walk for two days after this stair workout! Rather than just running up and down try this. Find a steep set of stairs and follow these sets:


1 x single step - jog down

1 x double step - jog down

1 x facing left - jog down

1 x facing right - jog down

1 x jumping step by step - jog down


x 4



Cotton On Body

I had the best time shooting for Cotton On Body for Mother's Day. The location, Trentham (near Daylesford in Victoria), was perfect for rugging up and  wearing Body's transeasonal layering in sleepwear & activewear. 

Working with my mum Shirley was super special! Bringing her down to Melbourne for the day and getting our hair & makeup together was like a little pampering day! Lucky for us the Body crew loved our cheeky bantering back and forth and I think you can see that in the shoot images! Below are some of my favourite looks from the campaign and my must haves!

Post Easter Session

After a few too many Easter eggs I hit the gym with this amazing workout from one of the trainers at Flux in Toulon.


21 of each then-18-15-12-9-6-3

Box Jumps

Hand Style Swing

After set 100 Skips



Calorie Row

Double Jerk

After set 200 skips



Mountain Run

Russian Twists 

After set 300 skips

Shot from my Pantene Fit To Shine Campaign shot by Kat Rollings

Shot from my Pantene Fit To Shine Campaign shot by Kat Rollings

Reforming Chocoholics

I could and have many times eaten a block of chocolate in a day! I am not proud of that but sometimes nothing else will kill the craving. I recently tried to cut as much refined sugar out of my diet at possible as I watched a documentary on it and sore the damage it can do! I began making these about 6 months ago and haven't had chocolate since. They are not made from processed foods refined sugar free and contain coconut oil which can help you loose belly fat! They take under 5 minutes to make too.


  • 12 Tablespoons of natural peanut butter (buy from the health food shop and look at sugar content)
  • 6 Tablespoons of honey
  • 6 Tablespoons of coconut oil (I melt mine)
  • 2 Teaspoons of cacoa
  • 1 Teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • Himalayan salt to taste
  • 2 cups of raw unsalted cashews. 


  1. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl, adding nuts last
  2. Spoon onto a tray of grease proof paper in small bite size pieces
  3. Place in the freezer
  4. Eat when hard and leave in the freezer


No Excuses!

I have been so busy lately and haven't had time to get to the gym. My PT friend Christian Miranda said that wasn't an excuse and sent me this killer work out which can be done from home with no equipment. Enjoy!


3 X (4X20 reps on 60 secs)

#1 - Pushups

#2 - Squats

# 3 - Situps


2 X (4X20 reps on 60 secs)

#1 - Burpees

#2- Squat Jumps


1 X (4X5 reps on 60 secs)

#1 - Burpee/Squat Jump/Squat/Pushup/Situp = 1 Rep 



Let’s face it! We all start the year with the best intentions to change things in our lives but reality is within a few weeks most of us don't stick to our New Year's resolutions. 

My goals for this year:

1) To learn to speak French. I will take classes at least three times a week while living in France.

2) To get stronger, healthier hair from the inside out. Already I love the way Pantene Daily MoistureRenewal Shampoo and Conditioner has helped keep my hair shiny and super manageable even after a workout and stopped my hair becoming brittle through the torture it undergoes. I'm going to make sure I also use Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Masque at least once a week in place of my conditioner to keep my hair for that extra bit of TLC.  I am also going to do my makeup now before drying my hair. This gives it more time to dry on its own as hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. I might just have to create an inspiration board. I think Gisele will feature heavily on it!

3) To do more yoga! I do a lot of fitness and don't stretch enough. I am going to do the sessions on the Nike NTC app and I bought myself a pair of the Nike Studio Wraps for a little extra motivation. 

4) Learn more about my skin so I can adjust my routine as needed. I use the same face wash and moisturiser all year round. for glowing, hydrated skin I should be changing this at times. Things like travel or seasons can dry out the skin so I am going to start monitoring this. I have added Dermologica C12 Bright Serum to my routine so far and have really noticed the difference. 

5) Live in the moment! Mindfulness is so important. Last year I tried to meditate once a day. This year I will commit to it. 

So the hardest part is how do you not give up? Here are my tips to being strong and not giving up on your new year goals to make 2016 your best year yet:

·         Don't just write them down! Tell them to your friends and family. A little extra motivation can make all the difference.

·         Break it up. Rather than just having one big goal, break it down into lots of smaller, achievable steps. Also try to make them into holistic and behavioural goals. These are easier to achieve. So rather than saying 'I want to loose x amount of weight' make it 'I want to go to the gym 3 times a week.' 

·         Use your senses. Pictures are a big help with goals! If you want to achieve something, make a mood board and keep it somewhere you will see it every day. Whether it be pictures of your dream job or a dream holiday …. get inspired! 

·         Visualise yourself achieving your goal. Imagine exactly what it will feel like to achieve it. 

·         Make a timeline of when you should achieve your goals by and set yourself rewards when you get there! 

·         Learn from mistakes, they are your lessons in teaching you how to be better! A mishap is only a failure if you give up. 

Here are some pics from the Pantene Fit To Shine campaign that has helped inspire me. What are your goals for 2016? 

Jelly Legs

Here is great workout I ran through in France.

Kettle Bell Front Squat x 12

Body Weight Squat x 12

Body Weight Squat Jumps x 12

50m run x 1 

Repeat x 10, x 8, x 6


Kettle Bell Rear Lunges x 12 (each leg)

Body Weight Switched Lunges x 10 (each leg)

50m run x 1

Repeat x 10, x8 


Kettle Bell Sumo Squat x 20

Skipping Ropes x 100

x 3 sets 


Summer Sexy

Summer is my favourite season! It is all about natural beauty but ocean swims, pools and the humidity can make that tough. If you aren't using the right products it can be the season of frizzy hair, smudged mascara and breakouts!  Here are my top 5 products to keeping flawless all summer long:

1. Put away the heavy foundations. A good tinted moisturiser is perfect for the beach or a workout. Try Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint. It offers 30+ protection and is one of the only face sunscreens that doesn't congest my skin. On top of that it offers just the right amount of colour. Win! 

2. Give your hair dryer and straighter a well earned vacay. Go for the beach babe look by leaving your hair to dry natural, and use nourishing products to undo the damage done to your hair throughout the year. I'm obsessed with Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner that gives me strong and shiny hair. I love it because its gentle enough to use daily and super nourishing. Since using it Ive noticed less breakage and much more shine that lasts longer.  You will see and feel the difference! 

3. I always prefer a hint of bronzing rather than a full on tan! RCK Body Glow was recommended to me by my makeup artist who says she uses it on brides because it stays on your body and doesn't rub on to your clothes. It comes in 3 shades so it is great on all skin colours and has just the right amount of illuminator in it to look natural but also makes your legs look phenomenal!

4. Incorporate a masque into your regime. I love Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Intenstive Hair Masque because it contains more nourishing essences compared to a regular conditioner while not weighing hair down which is perfect for the warmer weather! For me, knowing that it also protects my hair from damage protection is such a bonus as I can trust my hair is healthy and taken care of. Some days when I am super busy but know my hair needs some extra TLC I swap my conditioner for this, leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse.  

5. Smeared mascara? Who needs it! Try switching to a tubular mascara. I love Kevin Aucoin from Mecca. My lashes have grown so much since using it, you don't need to use makeup remover to get it off and it doesn't smudge, it peels off! 

Here are some pics from my Pantene FitToShine Campaign

Workin Hard

If you have a bit more time this weekend to workout this one Christian Miranda from OnePTs took me through  is a killer! I was sore half way through the workout. 

For time:

25 x Wall Balls 6kg

(10 x Leg Raises/10 x Box Jump Overs/10 x Dead Ball Over The Shoulder 9kg)

- repeat 8, 6, 4, 2 reps

25 x Wall Balls 6kg


10min EMOM:

10 x Weighted Walking Lunges


Air Bike/Ski/Row

50, 30, 10 Cals on each

Miami Swim

For all of us not in Europe rather than getting jealous staring at our friend’s travel pics on Instagram let’s start swimwear shopping for our next holiday. Here are the top three looks I feel in love with at Miami Swim Fashion Week that I can’t wait to try:

  • Colour: Citrus or turquoise.
  • Cut: T Shirt tops, high waister , high cut sides.  Sa Baywatch. Sa 80’s. Minimale Animale nailed it! Still loving the minimal one piece for next season. 
  • Feel: Girly. Think ruffles, pale pinks, lavenders.  Check out Tori Praver’s new range for inspiration. Or on the other end of the spectrum Bondage. Think super strappy with lots of cutouts. 

My favourite show was from Nookie Beach. Go the Aussies!

Nail It

Tomorrow I am headed in to see the beautiful girls at The Parlour Room for a mani so I am looking for some inspiration from Paris Fashion Week. Here are some of the trends I can’t wait to try. 

1. Rounded short nails - low maintenance? I’m in! 

2. Minimal nail art - chevron prints with a lot of negative space.

3. Blue - Everything from dark blue to teal. Still on the blue tones, grey is big again too. 

4. Matte - I trialled the matte top coat in black last week and loved it. Kept the toes shiny for contrast. Looking forward to trying the white matte. 

5. Metallic 

Run It

I have a whole heap of runs coming up including a half marathon so I made this playlist to keep me motivated (along with this pic of my fitspo Emily Skye.) Any tracks I should add? Follow the playlist on Spotify with this link 

  1. Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
  2. Hotel - Kid Ink
  3. Do It Again - Pia Mia
  4. Cant Feel My Face - The Weeknd
  5. You Know You Like It - DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge
  6. Nothin’ Like Me - Chris Brown
  7. HyperParadise Flume Remix - Hermitude
  8. King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar
  9. Bad B*tch - French Montana
  10. Look Right Through  MK Dub III
  11. Jungle Remix - X Ambassadors
  12. Power - Kanye West 
  13. Say You’ll Be There - M0
  14. Where Are U Now (With Justin Bieber) - Jack U
  15. Shine - Felix Jaehn
  16. To U - Jack U
  17. Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux
  18. Attracting Flies - AlunaGeorge
  19. I Want U - Alison Wonderland
  20. Feel My Pain - Mickey Kojak
  21. Survival - Lloyd Banks 


Was fortunate enough to be able to tick Kokoda off my bucket list. What a humbling, life changing experience. 96km and I cannot wait to go back again. Head to to see some videos and for more information. Here are some pictures of Erin Holland and I on the trek! 

Food for thought

Its the end of financial year and the weather is pretty miserable in Australia at the moment. It’s a time when a lot of us get caught up in our thoughts and start getting stressed out. I like me better when I am calmer and pretty sure those around me do. Here are some things to include in your diet to help ease anxiety:

1. Asparagus - contains folic acid. Low levels of folic acid can lead to anxiety. 

2. Dark Chocolate - Studies have shown those who have dark chocolate daily felt calmer than those who didn’t. Good enough excuse for me. But what about milk chocolate by the block? 

3. Chamomile Tea - Has a natural calming effect. 

4. Tumeric - Contains antioxidants that help improve your mood.

5. Avocados - This super fruit is great for brain health. 

Back At It

My trainer Alexa Towersey just returned from overseas and hit me with this killer session to focus on hip mobility, glute activation and strengthening posterior chain.

Hip flexor, hamstring, adductor and calf dynamic warmup series. 

Band lateral walks 30 steps each way. 

20 x swissball glute bridge
20 x Kettlebell sumo Deadlift
20 x swissball 45 degree back extension. 
3 sets. 

Kettlebell swing ladder 20-10-20 with 5 x burpees in between each set ie 20 swings + 5 x burpees + 18 x swings + 5 x burpees etc etc.


Power in Pairs

Bec Wilcock ( took me through this killer workout today:

2 min skip
40 Dips
30 Squat jump
20 Push Ups
10 Burpees

X 5

2 min rounds of Boxing

X 10

1 min Box
2-20 Mountain Climbers 

X 2

1 min Box
1-10 Burpees

X 2


In the last year I have realised just how important stretching is and have been working really hard to improve my flexibility. This time last year I couldn’t even touch my toes! I blamed my height but really I think it was just laziness! Here is what I’ve learnt:

  • Warm up first
  • Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds
  • If you aren’t flexible don’t focus on that focus on how strong you are to help keep you holding the position for 30 seconds
  • Stretch to the point of mild discomfort. Not pain
  • Don’t bounce
  • Dont forget to breathe
  • Stretch both sides equally
  • Stretch daily




A Speedy Recovery

Here are some tips to help you recover fast after your workout:

1. Have a protein rich snack before going to bed. Our muscles do most of their repairing overnight so why not help them out a little!
2. Drink cherry juice. It can help reduce any swelling.
3. Listen to slow tempo songs! They help reduce your pulse and blood pressure quicker after an intense session.
4. Stay hydrated.  After a big race like a marathon use electrolytes to help!
5. Get plenty of sleep. Like you dont already feel like it anyway?
6. Start foam rolling! For really sore areas I use a drink bottle filled with frozen water.
7. Get a well deserved  massage.
8. Wear compression  garments.
9. Take an ice bath if you are brave enough. It can help reduce soreness and swelling for up to 24 hours. 
10. Take a warm bath about an hour before bed with 4 cups of epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda. Stay in there for 10-15 mins. It will help you stretch out so you wake up better and also remove toxins from your muscles.

Marceau Photography

Marceau Photography