Strength and length

Today’s session with Alexa Towersey was designed not to build strength but also to lengthen muscles (see the image) with exercises like deadlifts included. As well as training it is really important to balance out your body with stretching. I do dance and yoga.

 10 x swissball triple threat (straight leg bridge, hamstring curl, bent leg glute bridge)

15 x kettle bell sumo dead lift
20 x swissball knee touch 
10 x kettle bell straight leg deadlift
15 x band squat jumps
100 x skips
20 x swissball roll outs
10 x trap bar deadlift
30 x lateral lunge.
2 mins rest. 3 rounds.

Partner finisher. 
10 x burpee broad jumps while the other holds the plank. 3 rounds.