Miami Swim

For all of us not in Europe rather than getting jealous staring at our friend’s travel pics on Instagram let’s start swimwear shopping for our next holiday. Here are the top three looks I feel in love with at Miami Swim Fashion Week that I can’t wait to try:

  • Colour: Citrus or turquoise.
  • Cut: T Shirt tops, high waister , high cut sides.  Sa Baywatch. Sa 80’s. Minimale Animale nailed it! Still loving the minimal one piece for next season. 
  • Feel: Girly. Think ruffles, pale pinks, lavenders.  Check out Tori Praver’s new range for inspiration. Or on the other end of the spectrum Bondage. Think super strappy with lots of cutouts. 

My favourite show was from Nookie Beach. Go the Aussies!