Let’s face it! We all start the year with the best intentions to change things in our lives but reality is within a few weeks most of us don't stick to our New Year's resolutions. 

My goals for this year:

1) To learn to speak French. I will take classes at least three times a week while living in France.

2) To get stronger, healthier hair from the inside out. Already I love the way Pantene Daily MoistureRenewal Shampoo and Conditioner has helped keep my hair shiny and super manageable even after a workout and stopped my hair becoming brittle through the torture it undergoes. I'm going to make sure I also use Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Masque at least once a week in place of my conditioner to keep my hair for that extra bit of TLC.  I am also going to do my makeup now before drying my hair. This gives it more time to dry on its own as hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. I might just have to create an inspiration board. I think Gisele will feature heavily on it!

3) To do more yoga! I do a lot of fitness and don't stretch enough. I am going to do the sessions on the Nike NTC app and I bought myself a pair of the Nike Studio Wraps for a little extra motivation. 

4) Learn more about my skin so I can adjust my routine as needed. I use the same face wash and moisturiser all year round. for glowing, hydrated skin I should be changing this at times. Things like travel or seasons can dry out the skin so I am going to start monitoring this. I have added Dermologica C12 Bright Serum to my routine so far and have really noticed the difference. 

5) Live in the moment! Mindfulness is so important. Last year I tried to meditate once a day. This year I will commit to it. 

So the hardest part is how do you not give up? Here are my tips to being strong and not giving up on your new year goals to make 2016 your best year yet:

·         Don't just write them down! Tell them to your friends and family. A little extra motivation can make all the difference.

·         Break it up. Rather than just having one big goal, break it down into lots of smaller, achievable steps. Also try to make them into holistic and behavioural goals. These are easier to achieve. So rather than saying 'I want to loose x amount of weight' make it 'I want to go to the gym 3 times a week.' 

·         Use your senses. Pictures are a big help with goals! If you want to achieve something, make a mood board and keep it somewhere you will see it every day. Whether it be pictures of your dream job or a dream holiday …. get inspired! 

·         Visualise yourself achieving your goal. Imagine exactly what it will feel like to achieve it. 

·         Make a timeline of when you should achieve your goals by and set yourself rewards when you get there! 

·         Learn from mistakes, they are your lessons in teaching you how to be better! A mishap is only a failure if you give up. 

Here are some pics from the Pantene Fit To Shine campaign that has helped inspire me. What are your goals for 2016?