Girls (and guys!), all of us train for a good bum! I trained for years without seeing much progress until I worked out I wasn’t activating the right muscles – I was quad dominant and my medial glutes weren’t switching on. Without working those specific muscles you’re never going to see major changes, so I started doing this before every workout.

The good news is that all you’ll need is a resistance band to do this booty workout, and it targets every angle of your butt including your medial glutes as well as your medius and minimus glutes.

For a booty workout watch the video below and pick any five to do 20 times…and then repeat it twice. Seriously.



On its own do the workout 2-3 times a week or accompanied with leg weight training just pick two to do before you start.

Get ready to feel the burn!



There are all different types of resistance bands on the market, but for the above workout I suggest the below –


Hart Resistance Band: $5.00



PTP Micro Band : $14.99